About us

Dear readers, welcome to our website!

We are Claroriluminacio.com and our aim is to bring enlightenment all around about the benefits of natural body care. Avoiding all artificial ingredients can and will be a great benefit for your health. We understand that in the modern world there are many choices, different prices and there is a product for every specification. Our main goal is to reveal to you the right ones and to help you choose wisely your body care products according to your needs and financial capability.

The modern world has given us the bless of choice. There are thousands of products for every specification and every little detail that you may look for in a product. This generates a huge problem because there is just a small amount of people who know exactly how to pick up the right product. That’s where we come in. We see it as our duty to provide you with the necessary knowledge  to make the right choice.

In our Blog we will present to you many herbs and natural ingredients and will show you how to make your own homemade skin and hair care products. In our shop you may find all-natural products.

So have a blast in our website and we hope you’ll find it useful.