There are all kinds of weird face masks that promise you miracles. Some of them work like a charm, and others are just bogus and the only think they clean up is your bank account. Well today we are going to talk about one of those weird thinks, that you doubt if it will work. I’m talking about magnet facial mask which “bliztkrieg-ed” beauty shops around the US recently. Two thinks are sure for this product – Its effective and it costs an arm and a leg.

The product is said to be the best mask against signs of aging. Some even call it the age defier. It actually makes your skin firmer and tighter due to the firming peptides in its composition. It also revitalizes and boosts your skin’s energy to help it look more radiant. The cheapest one you can find on the market is around 70 bucks. The priciest ones are nearly $1000. Unlike cosmetic companies we don’t put price on beauty, and our goal is to find the cheapest way to achieve perfect skin, so what we offer you is not to buy this mask, but to make it yourself.

Here is the recipe:

All you need for this experience are 3 ingredients – coconut oil, activated charcoal, and Iron powder. The activated charcoal (charcoal) must be in powder or pill form. It doesn’t matter, but with you will need the powder from the pill, so it would be easier for you to just purchase charcoal in powder form.

Take equal parts of charcoal and iron powder and mix them in a bowl. The exact amount of the two substances use in the mix depends on how much of the mask you want to prepare. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil in the mix and water it down until you get the desired consistency. Keep in mind the water in the mix is just several drops, so don’t pour a whole glass. At the and it should look like a mash and be sure not to make it liquid. It should be fairly thick.

After the mic is ready leave it aside for about 30 seconds so the elements might combine properly, and it’s ready for use. Note that you mustn’t leave the ready mask for too long, because  it would harden and you want be able to use it.


Now, the home made product shouldn’t activate any allergic reactions, because iron is harmless to your skin and is naturally found in your body, but just to be on the safe side, put a little bit of the mix on your hand and wait another 10 seconds to see if there are any unwanted side effects to your skin. After that you are ready to go.

Take as much as it’s needed from the mash with your fingertips and apply it on your face. Cover as much of your face as possible and let it work its magic for 4 minutes. After that you start cleaning it up. The cleaning part is quite a bite of fun.

Take a magnet and wrap it in a tin plastic foil and literally suck the mask from your face. The feeling is just… indescribable. You should try it for yourself. The stronger the magnet, the easier it would be to take of the mask.

There you go. Well sure the ingredients are not the cheapest ones, but the effect is breathtaking. Try it now.

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