The holidays are around the corner and it’s the time of year that most people live their moderation and start eating whatever and whenever they want. That’s OK. After all, as they say “it’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Year’s Eve” which makes you fat, it’s what you eat between New Year’s Eve and Christmas. This means that eating whatever you please for 2 or 3 weeks will not be so harmful for you if you take care of your body the rest of the year.

We know that this is hard work and there are some vices that you just can’t stop, but this doesn’t mean you should completely abandon your body. There are some small things that you can do to help your organism to work better. One of these things is eating some so called superfoods that can and will help you disintegrate fat and better almost every function of your body.

Here are 3 superfoods that you should consume regularly to improve your health and get rid of your belly for the summer.


Cucumbers are 97% water and are extremely low-calorie food. This makes it a perfect candidate for your belly whenever you are hungry. It’s refreshing, it has a lot of vitamins and minerals which are the most important source for your body to maintain good functionality. The best features of the cucumber though are in the huge amount of fibers that it contains. Fibers are one of the most important ingredients you should consume when you want to lose weight. They clean up your digestive system and you can assimilate more efficiently the nutrients. Ultimately you start filling full much easier, and you stop consuming so much calories.


Beans are both delicious and very good for you. In every diet there should be at least one dish of beans a day. They can be consumed as soup, in salads or as a side dish, which makes them a perfect candidate for supper. Be careful though because beans are high in calories and eating too much of them may lead to a reverse effect.

Eaten in moderation they are truly a super food. They attack without mercy your belly fat and it helps your body to break it down. Furthermore beans contain a lot of protein, which is the main source of food for your muscles. And you know very well – the more muscles you have, the less fat you keep.


Almonds are rich on fat… Don’t be shocked, they really are, and yes you should consume the so called healthy fat (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) that can be found in almonds and other nuts. The best benefit of the almond is that it suppresses hunger. You can eat just a little doze of this superfood and feel completely full. In addition almonds are full of magnesium, which makes them an important ingredient for building muscles.

Keep in mind that you should eat just a little bit of thus nut or the effect may reverse.

Eat these superfoods regularly and you will be not just fit, but also healthy and strong. After that eating some junk food every now and then will have absolutely zero effect on your looks and health.

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